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So, as some of you are aware, many small, simple things tend to irritate me to a nigh irrational extent. This is one of those things.

People who keep drawing the Jabberwock with muttonchops. Or spikes, or fins, on his face. I recently watched the new Alice in Wonderland movie and the Jabberwock in that film looked like someone saw muttonchops and decided they weren't "warped" enough (granted, he is also wearing a sweater vest) so they gave it Fing Fang Foom fins instead. The only reason for putting them on there would be if they misinterpreted the original drawing to have muttonchops. It doesn't.

Here, look at this giant sized image.
Its an easy mistake to make, right? Not if you look at it for more than a single second. What people mistake for facial hair is actually light beaming out of the Jabberwock's eyes. If you aren't convinced, look at his hands which are covered with ACTUAL hair like huge tarantula legs, and then look at the face again.


As cute as this is, it is total horseshit.

Aw shit, this guy knows what I'm talking about.

Anyway, I just felt like getting that off my chest. It annoys me because if you're going to do a cool version of a classic, you should do your research instead of just being a wanker. Put thought into it. Its like someone doing a cover version of a song but not actually figuring out what the lyrics are so they just sing the misheard stuff they think it says.

Okay, thats all.

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RIP Bruce Brown aka Kimo Temperance

I am bummed out because cancer killed my friend last night. I worked with Bruce Brown on Brit. He wrote it, I drew it. He was a special kind of talented crazy man with a big beard, a huge scar on his head, cowboy hat, missing fingers, and a deranged grin. And now he is gone forever.

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Here is a weird thing. It had been over six months since I had drawn a comic book page. If you think about it, drawing comic books is my JOB. That is a lot of time off doing what I'm supposed to be doing.

Okay so that is wicked sad and kind of fucking depressing if you want to dwell on it, so lets not.

...I mean. You can. Its just that I'd rather not. It's kind of sad, so... you know, lets get onto something else.

I AM actually working on a new comic. It has been quite a long road to get to where it is now, and it will be a longer road before you will be able to see anything of it, but it totally will be out this year (of which there is still 3/4 left).

Anyway, something I wanted to stop and talk to you about was some of recent work. Namely the 6 issues of Brit (available in trade paperback!) I did. I have been flipping through this stuff, and normally, looking at your old work is kind of super awful. You look at it and see all the mistakes you made and they stick out like a sore thumb so that is all you really see basically. Most of the time this is completely awful and really super shitty.

You look at it and can't believe you were so dumb that you actually thought that what you did was in any way a good idea. Also you feel bad for everyone who ever paid money to look at it (did I mention it is available in trade paperback?!). It is normally a pretty bad time. You sit there and mope and feel bad about yourself and get mad at how horrible you are and why can't you be better.

BUT THIS TIME, for whatever reason, I felt SUPER AWESOME.

It was like looking at the art of some kind of amateurish chump-ass. I was all like "PSHHH, look at this garbage, he should had totally put the head over here and made this figure bigger and pushed this figure in the BG and added more perspective." This is a good thing. This means you have grown as an artist. Since I haven't really drawn very much since then I think it more has to do with how much I have seen in better artists' work and how poorly my work compares to them. Lots of stylistic flares and techniques I can't wait to incorporate into my own work and things like that.

Oh man, the most obvious thing is looking at the drawings themselves and seeing how shitty and craptacular they are. Like composition and anatomywise. God how could I have been so dumb a mere year ago. But that is the best part! Seriously! When you can see those things it means you are the master over your past stupid-ass self! Like you could lean over your past-own shoulder and give yourself tips and pointers on how to be less of a suck-fuck.

It is a rare occasion to get this kind of feeling when looking at your own work, but if you get it, CHERISH IT! Its totally like leveling up! You have surpassed your former self! Don't bum out about how shitty you used to be, high five yourself for how AWESOME you're going to be when you outdo your former self! Also high five your FUTURE self for looking back at your current self and recognizing how much of a fuckup douchebag you are right this second!

Okay. I just wanted to impart this moment of clarity to all you you who might still slow down as your scrolling over your friends' page when you see posts by me, whether they have images posted or not. There is hope! Its at the end of the rainbow that you reach and forget that rainbows don't actually have ends so you just hang out and chill for a minute there anyways.

lol @ first brit pages I drew.

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Hey everybody!

Just popping in to let you all know that Ned Roid, aka Anthony Clark, aka nedroidcomics was kind enough to produce an OFFICIAL REX SPLODE t-shirt through the online company, Top Taco Co. and I couldn't be more pleased!

I don't know why its called Dare Master though, I think its just to let you know what it says on it. Saying Rex Splode shirt would make you think it had Rex Splode on it, right? MAKES SENSE. DOLLARS AND SENSE.

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I stole this from destroyerzooey. Its like a flowchart of my history with comics marked by milestones.

Ghostbusters comic from an age so young that I can only remember that it existed (only memory: being confused by use of the phrase "in my day" how can someone have a day wh) > Archie TMNT comics from the library comic swap box > Move to Italy (the great drought) > Puberty > Boobs > Alessandro tells me Japanese cartoons have boobs in them all the time > Shows me hours of Ranma 1/2 waiting for one boob to show up > Just shows me the boobs in the Ranma 1/2 manga > and in Dragon Ball > read lots of Dragon Ball and DBZ, everything is in italian so I am just looking at the pictures > italian issues of Gen 13 and DV8 > begin buying Wizard to make educated purchases > Battlechasers > The Darkness > Spawn > there are very limited choices on the army base > kid on the bus lends me VHS of Akira, head splits open > move back to the states > this comic store sucks > highschool girlfriend introduces works of Jhonen Vasquez > buy the Dark Horse Akira collections as they come out, but then forget to finish buying them > Battle Pope > probably pick up Ghost in the Shell at this point > friend's collections of Blade of the Immortal > Gorillaz happens, hello Mr. Hewlett > after maybe a year of staring at it on the rack, finally buy an issue of Hellboy, the last issue of Conquerer Worm > a new age dawns > go to college in Boston at school on same block as comic store > new age dawns for real > comics-singularity occurs

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I used to be really into Warcraft. I don't think I ever played the first one very much until later out of a sense of completeness. I got into it when Warcraft 2 came out and loved the hell out of it. Then Starcraft came out and I loved the SHIT out of that and sort of forgot about Warcraft and didn't really care much about it ever again. There was a time when they were developing an adventure game where you played a young orc raised by humans that I was really excited for, but that game was cancelled and they moved onto Warcraft 3 and eventually World of Warcraft, which I returned to having no interest in whatsoever.

The thing about the later Warcrafts is that I might have been interested in them if it didn't look like the characters were designed specifically to stop me from being interested. At this point, ever WoW character that I see (as action figures at the comic shop) just looks like an amalgamation of every drawing in the margin of a 4th period English class notebook in the whole world. Everything is so huge and stupid. Huge and stupid axes, huge and stupid swords, huge and stupid spikey shoulder pads, huge and stupid clompy metal boots. Except the women who dress like sweet sweet slutty sluts (sluttiness is a form of armor in most fantasy world situations). The word to describe the design ouvre of Warcraft at this point would be "juvenile," or maybe "addmorespikes."

But anyway, I liked Starcraft more because it was in space with cool aliens and stuff, and there was some subtlety. And I've waited forever for Starcraft 2 to finally come out. And the designs were really cool. The humans had big huge powered armor suits so that they'd have a chance against the aliens and they still didn't do much good, and the protoss were like, whatever, protoss. The zerg were the best though and my favorite was the hydralisk. It was the right amount of creepy and scary shit while still maintaining a good sense of proportion in its design. All sleek and sort of insectoid sort of reptilian.

But look at what good ol' hydralisk looks like in the new game.


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Just thought I'd mention, for those who didn't know. For the past week+ I have been drawing all of the ladies from the Scott Pilgrim series of books by Bryan Lee O'Malley. It has been a lot of fun and I believe today's sketch, to be posted in just a bit, will be the last. So if you haven't seen them all, check them out.

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Here's a commission I just finished. Whoop-whoop! I ain't never drawed either these characters before (its Grifter and Ladytron) and didn't know anything about them (except that I had a Grifter action figure for no real reason when I was a kid), but I had fun doing it.